Dan Barsi, Steve Bronstein, Cary Corvair



Steve Bronstein (Guitar/Vox)

Cary Corvair (Bass/Vox)

Dan Barsi (Drums)


Official Website of The Alter Kakers (pronounced Alta Kuckers) a Toronto rock band. Their sound is a mixture of styles including rock, alternative, folk and country fueled by the traditional singer/songwriter mentality.


The Alter Kakers were founded in Toronto by Steve Bronstein (Guitar) and Cary Covair (Bass) after the two met playing together in another band and were soon joined by Dan Barsi (Drums).


Their first 3 recordings featured
original singer Matt Dratva. In May
of 2013 Matt Dratva left the group
for personal reasons.


The Alter Kakers are rapidly becoming
a popular live act on the Toronto scene with years of experience and an energy charged sound that captures everything from The Band to Neil Young to Blue Rodeo. With a great local following and no shortage of live venues to play The Alter Kakers are finding themselves constantly in demand delivering their blues-toned roots rock with a barn-burning stage presence




The Horseshoe     November 13