1. Soldier

From the recording Self Titled

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I don’t know how much

longer we can go on
The world and you and I

Weather and the bomb
All our technology ain’t

Warming my heart
I can feel it tearing us apart
I still love you

I’m a dog waiting at the door
Every day I wait a little more
Every soldier wonders

What am I fighting for?
Til they just don’t think

About it any more
How did we ever get

Addicted to the phone?
Do you remember what

It’s like to be alone?
Reverse psychology

I hate you from the start
I hate everything

That’s keeping us apart
I don’t know how much

Longer we can go on
Til eternity Is 20 years too long?
You took a vow with me

And we got down and prayed
You’ve been swearing to me

Ever since the day