1. Fading Away

From the recording Painting From The Past

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Well you’ve been crying me a river
While I was sitting back and sipping tea
In a coffee shop with secrets brewing
Well we were sharing something sweet
I see the empty plate

Between us on the table
You’ve taken everything

And left me none
You even took the crumbs
When we first met

We came together easy
You were warmer than

The sun upon my jeans
I wondered where you’d been
When we first met

Love came to us so easy
But like the sun upon my jeans

It began to fade
And we wore out our stay
We’re fading away
You wrote it in an email
While I was flipping

Through some happy scenes
In between the lines

There was trouble brewing
You were pouring your soul out to me
I see the empty glass

That’s tipped out on the table
You’ve spilled  your heart out

And left me none
You even blocked the sun