From the recording Painting From The Past

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Written by Matt Dratva

Life shouldn’t be considered hard
Although people claim it to be
Rushing to work in the early mornin’
Is something we do

But we’d rather be free
Only to do it all over again
And count the days

When we can pack it in
And look into each other’s eyes
And both ask the same question
Where did the time go

Where did the time go
It seems like yesterday

We played on the swings
And now our days are

Taken by so many things
We need to stop and look around us
Cause before you know it

Life’s come and gone
So cherish every moment

Whether happy, whether sad
Some are here for a short time

Some are here for long
Some are here for a short time

Not many are here for long
If we keep that in mind

And look forward to the next day
We’ll realize life ain’t hard

It only seems that way