1. Try It Today

From the recording Painting From The Past

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When I woke up at dawn
Waiting for me on the lawn
Written in the daily news
Words that give us all the blues
How long I’ve waited

For the wars to cease
How good it would be

For us to own some peace
Why don’t we try it today??
Why are we working all day
We hate our jobs but love the pay
We’re buying things that we don’t need
We’re our own worst enemy
How long I’ve waited

For to quit the race
How good life would be

At a slower pace
When I get home at night
Wait for me by the front porch light
Yellow moon cross your face is cast
Look like a painting from the past
How long I’ve waited

For to see your face
Draw it on my heart

But never leave a trace
All day I’ve waited

For this night to start
How good it would be

If we would never part